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January 22, 2018, 02:19:55 AM

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Author Topic: If you'd like to join TCG, please READ THISand fill out this survey/questionaire  (Read 1171 times)
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« on: March 21, 2014, 08:25:40 AM »

First, thanks for your interest in The Crimson Guard. If you've checked out our "About Us" page, we've been around for a while, but fact is, like most guilds, we thrive on new members.

If you happen to remember who's advertisement you saw to make you interested in the guild (if you came straight to the website instead of talking to said person), it really helps us keep track and we'd love if you made a note of it at the bottom of this survey! Thanks!

There are THREE little THINGS you're going to need to do, if you'd like to become a member of TCG.

1. REGISTER ON THIS FORUM. I put that in caps, because you can't do item 2, until you do. Wink  You're going to need to send a private message on this forum or in game to either Racy or Nugelhoff (@rRacy or @Nugelhoff in ESO)  in order for us to approve you on this forum.

2. You're going to need to fill out the following questionnaire. (Read below, it will tell you how to do it.)

3. It's highly encouraged (but not 100% required) to download Teamspeak and log in to the server. The details for the server are to the left on the forum. Even if you don't have a microphone, you'll at least be able to listen in on guild events (dungeon runs, RVR raids, etc). So, not having a mic is no excuse. Wink

You do not need to login every time you play, or depending on how you play and what  you do, you won't ever need to again. But demonstrating the ability to communicate when the need requires goes a long way to our knowing that you don't mind taking a few minutes to fit in. Smiley

Thanks again for your interest, and we hope to see you in game soon -

In every new game we bring with us a few more folks from games we've played before. Maybe you'll be with us in ESO and many future games to come. We're really just an online community of gaming friends, when it comes right down to it. And it extends into "real life" on occasion as well, whether it's catching a dinner with our online friends when we happen to be visiting their town for one reason or another, chatting outside of game or lending a helping hand when "real life" starts to rear it's occasionally ugly head. Wink

Before I go too much further, I need to repeat this, because so many people miss this... if you are going to fill out the questionnaire, you need to take 2 minutes and register on the forum first. You need to PM @Racy or @AgileTalent so that we can approve your membership. We usually do this in just a few minutes.

The reason why, is despite every countermeasure we've tried, the bane of the Internet's existence afflicts us here: Spammers!

We don't have a lot of set rules in The Crimson Guard - we figure that we're recruiting folks mature enough not to be told common sense things like not to be racist in chat or be generally obnoxious to people, etc.

But one thing we've learned from our experience in GW2 was that we do not abide by multi-guilding. We've talked about it as a guild, and the overwhelming response was, to put it simply, no multi-guilding, with the exception of membership in Storefront/Auction house/Bank guilds.

If you're in one guild for PVP and one guild for PVE, or you're in multiple guilds for PVE, then you're probably not for us. It's a whole extra conversation to go into the why's and why nots, but trust me, it's hell on a guild's membership to divide loyalties like that.

If you have a question about this, by all means, talk to one of our officers. If you've joined us and you didn't realize that you would be restricted to just one PVE/PVP guild by joining us, no hard feelings, and feel free to de-guild with our blessing - we don't hold any grudges.

Ultimately, this is based on the honor system. We hope we can trust our members enough to both understand, and to abide by what basically amounts to our one "rule" to join our guild.

The form below is really just our chance to get to know you better. No one is going to vote on it, and your filling it out shows us that you can take a few minutes to introduce yourself to us, and that joining our guild is worth a few minutes of your time. Wink

Cut, paste, and fill 'em in AS A NEW TOPIC with your name as the subject: (Please note: This isn't a quiz, so much as a survey and a way for us to get to know you. We don't make you jump through a bunch of hoops...)

1. A/S/L? No really, Character name, level, class

2. What are you looking for in a guild?

3. What other MMOs have you played?

4. Would you classify yourself as "hard core", "casual" or somewhere in between? How many hours a week do you play?

5. Age?

6. What annoys you the most in guilds?

7. Ginger or Mary Ann? (If you don't get the reference, no worries, how about this? Star Trek or Star Wars? Fantasy or Sci-Fi? Country or Rap? Wink Feel free to google the Ginger/Mary Ann thing...)

8. Just for S's and G's, what type of work do you do? (I (Agile) am a government contractor in information technology, for example)

9. What area of the country/world do you live in? (Agile: outside of Washington, D.C.)

10. Play times? (Agile: EST - 5-12midnight, sometimes later).

11. Favorite moment in an MMO?

12. Anything you'd like to add?

Thanks for filling it out, and hope to see you in game soon!
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