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The Crimson Guard


The Crimson Guard actually started as Crimson Rage in EQ1. We went on to Anarchy Online, Shadowbane, and a host of other games, such as AoC, Warhammer, and Aion. We still game with some friends from way back when, but we tend to pick up new friends as others move on to other games and venues, though we try to maintain touch just the same.

We are first and foremost, a guild about "fun." These are games,after all. No drama. Zero Drama. Drama sucks. We're all adults, right? Most of us have jobs, significant others, rent/mortgages, cars and other video games. Some of us have kids, and even have our real life spouses playing with us in game. We're hard-core gamers but sometimes switch out to be the casual gamer, too.

Rarely do we take vacations just to play our current MMO. (Okay, it's happened, but it's RARE! ) We like accomplishing things in game through daring, skill and just plain hard-headeness sometimes. If someone can only do a raid a week, or a raid a month, we're not going to boot you over that.

We're competitive, but we are also generous, helpful, and demand a sense of humor in every member of the Guard. Yeah, that's right. Demand it. Got that? Good. We also expect people to be able to participate with other guild members. Group up! Have some fun - get to know each other. Don't be a whiner; be independent. Begging in guild chat is verboten. Btw, we ARE an age 18 or over guild. Exceptions, however, have and can be made for the right players.�

One of our original guild mottos was, "No Gankers, Wankers or Power Spankers." We liked it then in Shadowbane, and we like it now. ;)

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