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Title: What ive been up to [=
Post by: Yajirobe on September 07, 2014, 10:09:35 PM
Soo what has the great Yaji been up to....

Well nothing really haha

Since I completed all the content in Eso, (did both 12 mans, got emp in pvp, got most the hard achievements and dyes) there wasn't any content I really wanted to do, guildies came and went which was fun but game died to fast.

I did the alpha for Archage since I had bout the 150$ version, I did hit max lvl and saw I will not being playing the game as I feel no  end game content, I mean I knew going in wouldn't have big raids or pvp, but the Farmville type crafting system seemed cool and what not, the boat battles seemed cool, as well as the ariel battles but in the end its not enough for me justifying paying for a Korean grind game, to get the best gear in the game you have to craft it over and over and over and hope the RNG gods give you the stats you want on it and that you actually proc and crit to make it a legendary. Also the pvp is god awful and hosuing is awesome if you place a house in a great area right away kinda like uo. Im not bahsing the game by any means cause I feel it will fit a lot of peoples play styles great. Just not my cup of tea [=

I have been playing league of Legends and hearthstone but that's a game that you can play a few rounds and call it a night.

I know im a hardcore gamer, don't care about story and stuff which prevented me from grouping with a lot of you in Eso but that's just who I am[=

As for neverwinter id like to go back and play it but no matter what I do I cant get above 10 fps I lag soooo bad its insane, and I gave most my good stuff away

if any of u have other ideas for games u wanna play with me let me know!

Title: Re: What ive been up to [=
Post by: Agile on September 08, 2014, 11:32:06 PM
Hey Big guy!!

Thanks for keeping in touch. :)

I understand completely with ESO - I mean, it's not a bad game, and yeah, people left fast. I'm just thinking that hell, I don't know what will pull people in long term now. Lots of content doesn't do it...

I will say SWTOR still is pretty fun to me.  Got decent end game and PVP, they still add new content and all that jazz. It's actually the third most subscribed game behind WoW and something else I can't remember. :)

I have the same misgivings about Archeage you do, Yaji. And what was really crazy.. Julia was going CRAZY and having a blast - stealing crops from people on her own side. LOL. Yeah, some gamer I'm raising! :P

but, that's the type of thing that would drive me BATTY. Dropping crops down and people you can't even attack can take your stuff? The only thing is that you build this huge crime number (hers was up near 400) and I'm not even sure how you end up going to jail over it.. I guess if you go into PVP areas or something, not sure.

Having said that, I don't blame folks for playing it.. I can dig crafting and housing and pirate ships and all that. But ultimately, I'm busy as hell while I'm trying to get a new job.. mine has gone to hell in a handbasket over the past four months and getting a new job for me is like another full-time job! Plus, I actually have a second job that is pulling about 15 hours a month of my time.

Hell, even this Friday, my "day" job has me working from 5pm to midnight. Meh!

I enjoyed DCOU.. it's FTP to check out, Yaji.

Also, The Secret World was FUN as hell, though it's more of a questing person's game.

I also checked out Marvel Heroes 2015 which you might like a LOT - b/c you like Diablo (the guy who made the first and second Diablo did this one) - another FTP game to check out. Kinda nifty, only played about an hour, but it looked like it could be hellafun. :)

Hope you stop in again soon so you can see my good suggestions. :)

Title: Re: What ive been up to [=
Post by: vinz on September 10, 2014, 08:59:14 PM

Title: Re: What ive been up to [=
Post by: Verd on September 11, 2014, 10:05:33 PM
You're still a big jerk, who could at least come say hello in TS!!!   LoserFace!!

Title: Re: What ive been up to [=
Post by: Gom on October 19, 2014, 03:51:43 AM
LOL "great Yaji" :) what is happening to ESO? dead yet? What is next? if u still in ESO i got over 2 millions i am willing to spare :)