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Title: Sucked back in!!
Post by: krankypanda on May 05, 2014, 01:16:33 PM
Hey all,

The May the 4th bonus xp weekend sucked me back into SWTOR.  Is there still and active Crimson Guard guild?  I'm playing sith on Bergeren Colony and Republic on Harbinger. 

I've enjoyed playing with you all in ESO, and if there are any of you still playing star wars, I'd love to join up with you there :)

Title: Re: Sucked back in!!
Post by: Agile on June 11, 2014, 12:02:04 PM
I gotta say, I still love this game. ;)

I will likely pop in a bit and play some of the new content with the casinos.. which, I see kind of corresponds with the housing they have coming out in August.. I mean, both of them center on Nar Shadaa, and such (and honestly, I love the fact they're digging deeper into existing worlds.. I don't think an expansion has to constantly expand into new worlds, every time...)

We do have a guild here.. (and sorry for not replying.. I coulda sworn I did, but maybe I forgot to hit the post button..)

But, the problem is, no one is really playing very much.. maybe one or two stalwarts.. and the kids and I (and recently, Nugelhoff) hop in between games, but ESO is our primary focus.

So, I imagine, when we finally get to the end game and burn through that content, if there's not much on the horizon for ESO, we might take a break and go hit up on SWTOR.

I could also see playing a night or two a week once that housing expansion comes out.. and I'm definitely going to hit the slots...possibly this weekend some time to get the new mount. I LOVE the mounts in SWTOR. ;)

Title: Re: Sucked back in!!
Post by: Rowbear31 on September 28, 2014, 02:25:20 PM
Manduh013 (my gf) and I just got back into this a couple months ago.  We're playing on Harbinger right now.  Do we have an active TCG guild on Harbinger?  Manduh and I are taking a break from ESO for awhile.  :P